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The quotable Seth Godin

I’ve been thinking about what it is that makes some bloggers, tweeters, and sundry other social media mavens so popular. Apart from some obvious tricks, such as being Stephen Fry, what can we mortals do to emulate them?

Without resorting to devious SEO tactics, the best way is clearly to have good content. But I think it needs to be a certain type of content. Reading through my work blog the other day I discovered that, although I’m quite proud of the points I’m making, there are very few pithy, quotable, lines.

Contrast that with Seth Godin, whose blog posts never fail to make me want to quote them, tweet them, and send them to everyone I know. It’s all about making a point (often a well-established point) in a pithy, “sticky”, quotable way. He has a knack for making me think “yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say”. God I hate him.

The lesson for me, and most bloggers,  is to keep working at quality content but also learn how to package ideas like a marketing genius. We can’t all be Seth, but I suspect we should try. In many ways we have less to learn from what he says than from how he says it.


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