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Words in their hands

I just have to post some scans from a wonderful book I picked up a little while ago in a second hand bookshop. It’s called “Words in their hands” and is a limited edition book produced for “friends” of the Cambridge University Press at Christmas.

It combines beautiful photographs (and my scans really don’t do them justice) by Walter Nurnberg with quirky little descriptions by Beatrice Warde. This is the photo facing the title page:

Facing page

Facing page

And here is the illustration for the Compositor, with the epigram by Warde reading

literally ‘touching type’ and unconsciously revealing the preciousness of what the type hands forward



The whole book is just wonderful. Over time I may scan some more of the pictures, which really give a sense of the artisanship that went into producing books the old-fashioned way.


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