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Is this really too much to ask?

I know exactly what I want from an MP3 player. I have a couple of hundred quid burning a hole in my pocket for the manufacturer that ticks all the boxes. At the moment Apple come closest, but no one offers what I want.

The list is very simple:

  • Reasonable filetype support (MP3, AAC, ideally OGG)
  • A fairly large hard drive (min. 40GB, 60+ would be nice)
  • A small form factor because…
  • …a small screen

Let me just underline the importance of the last one. I just want to listen to music, I don’t want to watch movies on a shitty iPod screen. Does anyone, really? I can’t believe the Dark Knight is really that much fun on a miniscule (even if pretty) screen, listening with earbuds in the back of the bus.

All the “audiophiles” who drone on and on about the iPod’s inferior sound quality are missing the point that there is NO portable device designed for listening to music on. The Cowons et al have screens that are even bigger than the bloody iPod. It drives me up the wall.

If Apple built a 40GB Nano I would buy it like a shot…until then I’m going to have to go on steaming with rage. Why is the world obsessed with devices that do everything badly? I like gadgets that do one thing well—I want a phone that’s a phone, a camera that takes usable pictures, and an audio player that’s designed for playing music. Grr.


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